unlock the impact

Events are powerful. The best events are purposefully designed to truly engage an audience, driving powerful and measurable outcomes for organisers.

There is a lot at stake when planning and delivering an event: time, money, reputation.

The impact of a well-designed and seamlessly delivered event is far reaching. It can create loyal, cohesive communities, increase brand recognition, showcase a region, generate revenue, establish and build sector-leadership status, educate and inspire change.

The key to creating such an event is UNLOCKING THE IMPACT.

The Business of Events is your key to unlocking the impact of your next conference or event.

It is the ONLY industry conference in Australia focusing on the strategic planning and commercial side of the events business, giving attendees the competitive edge by learning directly from industry leaders. This is the ONE conference you will attend that will give you access to education sessions and networking opportunities designed to have an impact and improve your future events.

By attending, you will gain targeted industry knowledge and insights into:

 • measuring event value and tracking effectiveness
                 • using events to build brand advocacy and customer loyalty
                            • industry success stories via case studies and peer-to-peer learning
                            • innovative and creative ideas to engage and impact your audience

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