Vanessa Cowell TBOE 2020

Venessa Cowell

Head of Food Events, Nine Entertainment

A strategic event professional focused on creating, developing and delivering exceptional lifestyle and food events. Venessa’s career and passion lies in using a creative and commercial lens to add value for partners, consumers and industry integrating content and commercial realities authentically. As Head of Food Events, Venessa and her team deliver over 50 world class events for over 1 million  participants and visitors across Australia each year with Good Food Month, The Night Noodle Markets, Australia’s Top Restaurants Awards and The Curated Plate Festival. Venessa has led event development through execution for Hospitality, Tourism, Food, and Destination events.

9:40am | Dare to think Differently

Panel Discussion: Unlocking the Impact of Your Next Event

Events have the power to change perceptions and behaviours, to connect us in a world where technology is driving isolation, to educate and enlighten us.

Our panel of industry experts will challenge you to think bigger, push the boundaries and open your mind to new ideas.

Key Learnings:

  •  FOMO. How to create it.
  • How to get the most from the latest tech.
  • Leverage event environment to enhance the experiences.
  • How to increase visitation to your regional town or city.
  • Association events: How to increase revenue & membership engagement.
  • Measurement tools to validate business strategies around events.

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