Tiny Good

Director, Showtech Australia

Tiny Good has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 35 years. His passion for the backstage entertainment industry started at a young age, working with many of the amateur theatre companies and progressing to the professional industry. Tiny’s love of Live Entertainment pushed him to establish his own company, Showtech Australia in 1987. Showtech has now grown to be a major provider to the industry and is the preferred supplier of equipment and staff to many venues and companies through Australasia. Tiny is committed to the company’s growth, efficiency, products, services and client/supplier relations. Showtech is proud to be the first company of its type in the entertainment industry, and one of the few in the entertainment world to be awarded the ISO 9002 registration.


2.00 pm – 3.00 pm | Thursday 7th February 2019

Leave Nothing To Chance: A Suite of Risk Areas Affecting Major Events

Tiny joins a panel of safety experts, across a broad intersection of safety companies, to discuss the risk areas concerning the events sector including readiness testing, crowd management, safety, security, risk management, compliance and vigilance. They’ll cover issues from the perspective of both the general security environment and the internal operations of undertaking an event.

Session take outs:

  • key security issues for an event
  • what should be considered for security and emergency management
  • what does this mean for my organisation and what is my role?

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