Shireen Da Costa The Business of Events

Shireen Da Costa

National Conference Manager for Membership Association, HIA

With 15 years experience in the Events Industry, Shireen has been involved in creating some of the largest and unique corporate events within the Tourism, FMCG and IT sectors. Now working within the Residential Housing Industry as the National Conference Manager for Membership Association, HIA, Shireen is tasked with pushing the boundaries to create events for a traditionally non conferencing industry.

9:40am | Dare to think Differently

Panel Discussion: Unlocking the Impact of Your Next Event

Events have the power to change perceptions and behaviours, to connect us in a world where technology is driving isolation, to educate and enlighten us.

Our panel of industry experts will challenge you to think bigger, push the boundaries and open your mind to new ideas.

Key Learnings:

  • ¬†FOMO. How to create it.
  • How to get the most from the latest tech.
  • Leverage event environment to enhance the experiences.
  • How to increase visitation to your regional town or city.
  • Association events: How to increase revenue & membership engagement.
  • Measurement tools to validate business strategies around events.

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