Shaun Kenny

Director, People of Influence

Shaun Kenny is director of leadership development consultancy People of Influence and one of Asia Pacific’s most in-demand speakers and educators, having delivered 1,000+ sessions to 150,000+ people in the past decade with ongoing clients such as Microsoft, PwC, Visa, LinkedIn, Australia Post and Uber. Shaun is an authority on helping leaders harness the science of influence and behavioural engineering to create world-class teams and organisations. An economist by training, Shaun translates the latest insights of behavioural economics and neuroeconomics into practical tools that professionals can use for immediate impact.


2.00 pm – 2.30 pm | Friday 8th February 2019


Have you ever met a person who seemed to have influence wherever they went and with whomever they met? Someone universally admired and respected, with that special ability to get others to effortlessly follow their lead? What if there was a scientific way we could explain their powerful influence? And what if we could translate these insights into practical strategies and tactics? We could transform our own ability to become one of these extraordinary people: a true person of influence.

Session take outs:

  • explore the latest social science research into how humans make judgements of other humans and how there are actually 2 key qualities that account for more than 90% of the impressions we make on other people (a startling result!)
  • discover 10 practical strategies to take control of how we are perceived by customers, clients, colleagues or any other important stakeholders in our lives (yes, even spouses!)
  • create a personally tailored action plan that can be implemented immediately to become a more compelling leader and a more persuasive professional

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