Robin Stafford

Robin Stafford

Director, Half Eaten Donut

Half Eaten Donut, a digital agency that specialises in helping events with their digital marketing, analytics and attribution.

 Half Eaten Donut have successfully run over 80 events. Specialising in this space has enabled them to develop a specific methodology and system for the event space. They have a deep understanding of the consumer psychology and patterns within this industry to understand when people buy/convert, why people buy/convert, which platforms people convert from and engage with and how to best allocate budget across these platforms and timings to deliver exceptional results for the events they work with.

12:00pm | Unlocking the Value of Events

Data: Your Secret Weapon

Robin & Kelsey will discuss how to use data to transform a national event. From designing the event program through to event creative, website content and the digital marketing campaign. See the impact of putting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

Key Learnings:

  •  How to use data for creative, messaging, timing, performance, ad campaign and results.
  • Free research tools and data-led strategies
  • Developing strategy using digital data from google and social media.
  • How to pull data quickly and easily and how to implement the findings.

4:00pm | Impact of the Future

Events 4.0

Industry 4.0 is affecting almost every industry worldwide and is rapidly transforming how businesses operate. This transformation has the potential to provide a major boost to Australia’s economic competitiveness and will have an impact on the events industry.

This panel brings together leaders to uncover exactly what will be impacting the events we deliver in the next twelve months and beyond. How do we plan for these innovations and influences including wellness, personalisation and globalisation?

Key Learnings:

  • The effect technology has on event experiences and attendance.
  • Must-have event elements.
  • Exceeding event expectations of speed, value, wellness and environment.
  • Explore the idea of creative ownership within the events industry and capitalise on agency/client partnerships.
  • Discuss the big picture – factors impacting memorable, interactive experiences and event outcomes.
  • Unique ways sponsors can increase attendance.

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