Peter Rugg

Senior Associate, Clayton Utz

Peter is a Senior Associate at Clayton Utz specialising in technology, media and telecommunications. His practice spans outsourcing and transformation projects, systems integration (including agile development), software and data licensing, intellectual property, telecommunications regulation and broader project contracting. While Peter has gained valuable expertise across various industries, his work has evolved to have a particular focus on both financial services and telecommunications. His transaction highlights include projects relating to software-as-a-service, electronic payment systems, software and data (copyright) licensing models, telecommunications services and the commercialisation of new technologies.


11.00 am – 12.30 pm | Friday 8th February 2019

The i-dotting and t-crossing – Understanding Industry Contracts 

The rise in drug-related and safety issues at events has shone a light on the need to understand contracts to ensure your organisation, and all event goers are accounted for. Then, there’s suppliers who may not deliver. This workshop session will provide you with an understanding of how contract law applies to stakeholders within the events sector – from both a client and provider perspective.

Session take outs:

  • understand the basis of contract law
  • how contracts are different across the sector and why you need to have a broad understanding of each type to mitigate risk
  • find out what the most commonly used contract clauses mean and what the consequences of these are if signed for, but not understood
  • tips and tactics for briefing in a legal counsel to ensure your role, business and all stakeholders are protected

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