Penny Lion

Penny Lion

Executive General Manager of Events, Tourism Australia

Penny Lion joined Tourism Australia as Head of Business Events in 2010 before becoming Executive General Manager, Events, in August 2016. Her extensive experience in the events sector includes strategy, marketing, sales, operations, as well as stakeholder management roles and spans more than 25 years working on trade, consumer and corporate events. As Executive General Manager, Events, Penny is responsible for leading Tourism Australia’s specialist Business Events and Industry Event teams. The Business Events team is responsible for delivering targeted marketing communications and trade programs to promote Australia internationally as a business events destination whilst the Industry Events team is responsible for delivering a wide range of events to showcase Australia’s leisure tourism offering.


10. 35 am – 11.35 am | Thursday 7th February 2019

Panel: The Business of Making an Australian Event an International Success: lessons learnt from successful high profile events produced in Australia which have both local and international audiences

Penny will take part in an opening panel that will ‘set the scene’ on the business aspect of the events sector within Australia. Taking the position of CEOs who lead high profile successful events and senior level influencers to and within the sector, the panel will discuss the highs and lows of the events business and what we’re doing right (and wrong) with Australia’s position within the global marketplace. The focus will be on lessons learned and how you can apply this to your business to also achieve success.

Session Take Outs:

  • key areas and strategies to succeed
  • what to do to avoid failure
  • the ins and outs of the Australian market, including growth opportunities
  • how to leverage and capitalise on the growing Chinese market
  • how to approach expansion into international markets, including marketing internationally to grow audiences