Louis Keating

Founder and Principal Consultant, White Box Analytics

Louis is the Founder and Principal Consultant of White Box Analytics. With over seventeen years of data and analytical experience within marketing agencies in Sydney and London, Louis has experience managing analytical teams, creating data strategies as well as being hands on with building segmentation’s, predictive models, database builds and creating dashboards and visualisations. As independent data consultants, White Box are flexible, impartial and take complicated data and create recommendations and insights back to Clients that are understandable, usable and have a ROI for their business.


1.40 pm – 2.30 pm | Thursday 7th February 2019

Panel: Data as a Driver of Growth and Change 

Hear how specialists, across a broad range of organisations, analyse relevant data to maximise business outcomes. Data experts will discuss the changing role of data in marketing, the intersection of data and events, data partnerships, data sharing and governance and understanding attitudes for data collection insight.

Session take outs:

  • how to effectively manage data to understand the customer journey (and how to track individuals engagement points)
  • the future role of data utilisation in marketing
  • how to collaborate within designated sector
  • how to ensure secure data exchange
  • how to consolidate multiple data sources

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