Leisa Donlan Headshot

Leisa Donlan

Chief Executive Officer, Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Inc

As a long-term CEO of the Australasian industry body for large plastic products working across 24 countries, Leisa Donlan has been involved in a range of events held around the world. With audiences from 5,000 to 25 and from standard 2 ½ day events to multi week and multi country industry tours, ARMA RotoConnect events compete globally and attract a diverse yet specialist audience.

Over that time almost everything that can go wrong has, which has often required an amazing team capable of fast thinking, great people skills and excellent risk management months before any events actually starts.

2:00pm | The New Action Plan

What would you do if…?

A fun and thought-provoking discussion where you get to ask our panel ‘what they would do if…’

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