jonathan holloway

Jonathan Holloway

Artistic Director and Co-CEO, Melbourne International Arts Festival

Jonathan Holloway deals in experience.

​From the vital everyday customer and colleague experience, through learning and training events, to the largest city-transforming and life-enhancing experiences, he understands and can explain every element necessary to create and deliver unforgettable and joyous experiences for all.

In the UK he helped permanently transform London’s South Bank by introducing constantly surprising experiences of music, performance, fire and water.

Over twelve years as a CEO – which has seen every organisation massively increase its turnover and customer base – he has created team and customer experiences that redefine and transform his organisations, align teams and inspire everyone to back vision.

He has closed cities to present huge scale 30,000 audiences experiences, from The Feathers in Perth WA to Fire Gardens in Melbourne, and was the mastermind behind the largest single arts event Australia has ever seen, The Giants, which played to 1.4M people in Perth in 2015.

He was the first person to bring the teams behind NYC smash hit Sleep No More and global stage sensation Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Australia, to create immersive, “one audience member at a time” shows.

Extraordinary experiences change teams and individuals, families and cities. Experiences are at the heart of every successful life, relationship and project.

9.10am | Dare to think Differently

The Formula of Extraordinary Experiences

Jonathan shares his tried and tested formula that can guarantee your awesome idea can scale up, be championed by everyone involved and create the moments of magic that we look for in exceptional experiences.

Key Learning:

  • Create unmissable, unexpected and unforgettable experiences for small and massive audiences.
  • The power of macro ideas.
  • Championing giant thinking & vision.
  • Managing talent & leading delivery teams.
  • Collaborating with governments, sponsors, the media and the public
  • Harness innovation.

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