Jeremy Garling TBOE 2020

Jeremy Garling

Founding Creator, Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall – The Collective of Creators – a strategic, creative and long-term project partner for progressive and forward-thinking organisations.

In his role as Founding Creator, Jeremy is committed to ensuring Fourth Wall continually redefines the marketplace and retains its position as a true leader. Jeremy’s focus is on discovering, developing and inventing new creations, evolving experiences and using his theatrical ethos to hunt for new destinations and innovations for clients. In his quest, he is often found travelling for inspiration while completing triathlons and Ironmen races.

3:30pm | Impact of the Future 

Digitile: The Perfect Blend of Digital and Tactile to Enhance the Human Interaction

Everyone is striving to be innovative and technology is playing an ever important role in delivering customer experience. Jeremy looks at how you can add real, tangible value to the experience and increase customer interaction, engagement and change behavior.

Key Learnings:

  • Create innovative experiences that have heart.
  • Get better ROI from technology and innovation.
  • How to use digital effectively, not just for show.
  • Understand ways to enhance human interaction in experiences.

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