Jacqui Hemsley headshot

Jacqui Hemsley

Manager Arts, Culture and Tourism, Lake Macquarie City

Jacqui is the Manager of Arts, Culture and Tourism at Lake Macquarie and has over 25 years experience in the cultural sector.

11:30am | Creating Conversations

“Living Smart” – The Growth of a Sustainability Festival in the Hunter

The Lake Macquarie Living Smart Festival, running for 10 years and reimagined in the last 2 years, is now considered a flagship event for the City with attendances exceeding 25,000.


Engaging the community on environmental sustainability, transformed the event into a 3-day festival; with elements of education, live performance, workshops and demonstrations, food and local products, set against a backdrop of art, live entertainment and activities for all ages.

Jacqui & Christine detail the metamorphosis over the past decade, the incredible growth they have experienced and what comes next.

Key Learnings:

  • ¬†How to turn a region into a destination.
  • Expanding a 1-day event into an award winning 3-day festival without increasing spend
  • Value in collaboration, education, creativity and uniqueness.
  • Paid elements that sell-out.
  • Delivering significant growth to the economy through events.

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