Jason Fox TBOE 2020

Dr Jason Fox

Motivational Speaker & Leadership Advisor

Dr Jason Fox is a bestselling author, leadership advisor & rogue wizard/philosopher. Specialising in Pioneering Leadership & Motivation Design. His clients include the senior leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies, and in 2016 he was named Keynote Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia. When not liberating the world from the delusion of progress, Jason partakes in extreme sports such as reading, sun avoidance and coffee snobbery.

4:00pm | Impact of the Future

Events 4.0

Industry 4.0 is affecting almost every industry worldwide and is rapidly transforming how businesses operate. This transformation has the potential to provide a major boost to Australia’s economic competitiveness and will have an impact on the events industry.

This panel brings together leaders to uncover exactly what will be impacting the events we deliver in the next twelve months and beyond. How do we plan for these innovations and influences including wellness, personalisation and globalisation?

Key Learnings:

  • The effect technology has on event experiences and attendance.
  • Must-have event elements.
  • Exceeding event expectations of speed, value, wellness and environment.
  • Explore the idea of creative ownership within the events industry and capitalise on agency/client partnerships.
  • Discuss the big picture – factors impacting memorable, interactive experiences and event outcomes.
  • Unique ways sponsors can increase attendance.

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