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Cj Holden

Experimentalist & Creator, s p a c e

An experientialist at heart, Cj is passionate about building engaged communities through immersive experience. His vision is to build a collective of Australia’s most un-like-minds all making a global impact. Cj has created experiences in London, Miami, Marrakesh, Cape Town, and Iceland – it’s now Australia’s turn.

Creative fully immersive and completely participatory experiences, Cj has established himself as a leader of disruption in the event industry.

2:00pm | Creativity takes Courage

New Thinkers; Dare to be Different?

In an industry that has never been more competitive, to attract your audiences’ attention, you must dare to be different. This session gives you the opportunity to step into the minds of a number of successful creative professionals to see how they do things differently.



Key Learnings:

  • Growing events by doing things differently.
  • How and why you need to deliver more consumer-centric experiences.
  • The importance of developing capability in critical and creative thinking.
  • Creative and strategic tools to flip the traditional and stereotypical event.
  • Tips from the professionals on how to maintain focus and productivity under enormous pressure.

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