Carmel Foley headshot

Carmel Foley

Associate Professor in Event Management, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney

Carmel Foley is an Associate Professor in Event Management at the UTS Business School. Her business event legacy research with partners Business Events Sydney, ICC Sydney and the Joint Meetings Industry Council has supported the global industry to measure and leverage the substantial impact of business events for industries, communities and knowledge economies.

11:00am | Unlocking the Value of Events

The Real Long-Term Value of Your Event Program

Professors Edwards and Foley from the University of Technology Sydney have recently published the results from a multi-year study (commissioned by the Joint Meetings Industry Council and Business Events Sydney) looking at the legacy benefits of business events. Defining the purpose of your event and measuring its success, is key to understanding the long-term value of your event. In this presentation, they will outline the “Six Golden Rules for a Highly Successful Business Event” which can assist your organisation in measuring far more than satisfaction.

Key Learnings:

  • The importance of business event legacy and its impacts.
  • How to achieve positive event legacy.
  • Three golden rules for measuring the legacy impacts of your event.

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