Amanda is lead Partner of KPMG Acuity, KPMG’s specialist Market Research and Customer Insights advisory service and in this role conducted the ‘Keeping Us Up At Night’ report. She has over 20 years’ specialist experience in customer insights; most recently as founder and managing director of Acuity Research & Insights, one of Australia’s leading boutique market research consultancies, which was acquired by KPMG in June 2017. She works closely with some of Australia’s leading corporations to help them gain better consumer insights – including how consumers feel, what they expect, and what they want in the future. Her main goal is to help our clients understand, enact and measure customer focused initiatives and strategy to help them evolve in a disruptive environment, and to grow their business.


1:30 pm | Friday 8th February 2019

What keeps Australia’s Business Leaders up at night?

What are Australian business leaders really concerned about when they look toward 2019? Certainly, there’s no shortage of theories. Carmen Bekker and Amanda Hicks will provide insight into KPMGs report on the TOP 10 Issues Facing Australian Business Leaders. KPMGs research practice engaged a broad spectrum of leaders from a diverse range of industries – 220 leaders, some with fewer than 50 employees, others running companies with revenues over $1billion, across both public and private sectors to ascertain what business leaders are really concerned about when they look toward 2019. What made the Top 10 most significant issues for 2019 may surprise you and doesn’t include energy, government efficiencies; climate change; health, aged care and disability; education and the changing nature of work. Session take outs:

  • understand the biggest pressure points for business leaders, why an issue made the Top 10, where it’s headed in 2019, and how it should be tackled
  • how you can leverage the insights from this report to lead your organisations in the year ahead
  • understand what organisations are implementing to combat challenges in more strategic and nuanced ways

2.00 pm | Friday 8th February 2019

Fireside Chat – KPMG

In this fireside chat, Laura Schwartz will further drill down with Carmen Bekker, Partner, Customer Brand and Marketing Advisory, KPMG Australia and Amanda Hicks, Partner, KPMG Acuity, on specific components/issues outlined in the presentation through a range of questions in addition to opening up the discussion to the audience through Q&A.