Aaron Langer

Aaron Langer

Creative Director, Hook and Arrows

With over 20 years experience working across the television, music, advertising and marketing industries as a producer, general manager, creative director & strategist, Aaron Langer has developed unique expertise translating brand & product messaging into creative marketing strategies and viable programs that have earned measurable results. Aaron began his creative career in Los Angeles, producing original television programming for Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, CBS Studios, VH-1 & Sci-Fi Channel. He has produced award-winning soundtracks for feature film, episodic television and commercial campaigns in Australasia as well as traditional commercial campaigns for Visa, P&G, Toyota, Chanel, MasterCard & Target. Combining his expertise, Aaron went to on to lead the creative vision and experiential business, at George P. Johnson (GPJ) in Los Angeles. In 2014, Aaron began his consulting independently under his own shingle, Hook & Arrows, providing thought leadership that was often missing within traditional agencies. He created breakthrough moments for Riot Games, Microsoft, Verizon, Kia Motors and Walmart that drove conversion and transformed perception.


2.30 pm – 3.00 pm | Thursday 7th February 2019

Event Architecture: Mastering Brand Expression to Deliver More than Visual Impact at Events

What makes a good event, great? Why do clients return time and again to the same agency? How can you prove ROI post-event? The answer is good design. Join Aaron Langer as he navigates the event landscape from ‘thin briefs’ to difficult corporate middle management and everything in-between.

Session take outs:

  • learn from a master strategist that is all about the approach of how you can identify and translate brand expression within a live format
  • learn how to cleverly design an event that has the power to transform brand perception within a single day, delivering much more than visual impact
  • understand the ROO (Return On Objective) framework and why this is more important than ROI

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