Program Day 1

Thursday 7th February 2019


Morning tea on arrival


    Official Opening and Welcome


      International Keynote: Get Ready to Eat, Drink & Succeed with Laura Schwartz

      The day opens with powerhouse Laura Schwartz who will get you all ready to “Eat, Drink & Succeed” as you never know when the next conversation may change your life or your business!

      Laura Schwartz, Former White House Director of Events


        Panel: The Business of Making an Australian Event an International Success: lessons learnt from successful high profile events produced in Australia which have both local and international audiences

        The opening panel will ‘set the scene’ on the business aspect of the events sector within Australia. Taking the position of CEOs who lead high profile successful events and senior level influencers to and within the sector, the panel will discuss the highs and lows of the events business and what we’re doing right (and wrong) with Australia’s position within the global marketplace. The focus will be on lessons learned and how you can apply this to your business to also achieve success. Session Take Outs:

        • key areas for success
        • what to be avoid for failure
        • the ins and outs of the Australian market
        • attracting the Australian audience in addition to understanding the international marketplace.

        Andrew Stark, General Manager, World Surf League Australia

        Andrew Westacott, CEO, Australian Grand Prix Corporation

        Damien Hodgkinson, Executive Director, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

        Helen Sawczak, National CEO, Australia China Business Council

        Penny Lion, Executive General Manager of Events, Tourism Australia

        Terese Casu, CEO, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


        Game on Down Under: The Invictus Games Story

        Patrick will tell the story of the Games, from the early stages of planning, winning the bid, and the planning and delivery of the Games. He will also talk to the challenges of the rapid scale up and scale down of the organising committee as well as the longer term impact of the Games.

        Patrick Kidd, CEO, Invictus Games Sydney 2018

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          Industry Growth and The Big Picture - A Look at the Bigger Picture

          Craig will assess the economic landscape with particular focus on the current and prospective growth opportunities across sectors and regions.

          Craig James, Chief Economist, Commsec


          Lunch and Networking

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            Panel: Data as a Driver of Growth and Change

            The session will focus on how to find and analyse relevant data to drive innovation and sales. The panel members are data specialists and the discussion concerns data in the context of a broad range of organisations and institutions with an operational and business relationship within a specific sector. Session take outs:

            • how to collaborate within the sector
            • how to simplify the outcome from the collection of all this information!
            • business scoping for data needs
            • secure data exchange
            • consolidation of multiple data sources.

            Steve Millward, Chief Analytics Officer, Data Republic

            Jalpa Macmillan, Senior Manager, PwC Australia

            Jeff Sanders, CEO, Beyond Analysis Australia

            Security and Safety in Public Spaces

            Danny will provide his interpretation of the Australian government’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places in the context of event and venue management. He will discuss the planning framework where vulnerability assessments must be undertaken upon which the event is overlaid and as such the planning develops from conceptual to implementation.

            Danny Baade, Director, CorpSec International

            Should you be serving up a side of entertainment?

            Whilst numerous factors are always significant to organisers, a constant focus for guests is the catering. More and more event guests have sophisticated tastes, they’ve become accustomed to a variety of cuisines and unique culinary creations. Add into the mix that the catering can also be the entertainment for your guests – think interactive catering stations, chef displays even walking tables! This session will explore this trend and discuss the important issues you should keep in mind when designing your meeting and event menus.

            Lynell Peck, Director of Culinary Services, ICC Sydney


            Session above continues.

              Panel: Leave Nothing To Chance: A Suite of Risk Areas Affecting Major Events

              The panel will discuss issues from both the aspect of the general security environment in addition to the internal operations of undertaking an event. Session take outs:

              • key issue areas in regard to security for an event
              • what should be considered in regard to security and emergency management
              • what does this mean for my organisation and my role within this?

              Tiny Good, Director, Showtech Australia

              Simon Auston, Chief Executive, Reddawn Australia

              Wayne Middleton, Principal, Reliance Risk

              Danny Baade, Director, CorpSec International

              Panel: Technology to enhance audience engagement - Bringing the right technology to your event

              Whether the event is a business conference for 500 or an outdoor festival for 5000, how do you ensure your audience stays engaged? This panel will show you how to make it easier than ever to interact with your audience and create a more involved event.

              Andrew Reid, General Manager, TEG Insights

              Andrew MacColl, ANZPAC Manager, Procurement and Director of Technology, Encore Event Technologies

              Nik Talevski, Project Manager, eCommerce Delivery, Australia Post


              Building a Customer Centric Sales Culture

              In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, putting the customer first is paramount to success. Phil will take delegates through some tips to ensure they drive their competitive advantage, taking a look at winning sales and customer related processes that will impact the performance and drive growth.

              Phil Hunt, Director, Hunt Consultants

              Session above continues.

                Mastering Brand Expression to Deliver More Than Visual Impact at Events

                What makes a good event, great? How can you prove ROI post-event?
                The answer is good design.

                Aaron will show you how a cleverly designed event has the power to transform brand perception, delivering much more than visual impact, that translates client objectives into tangible results.

                Aaron Langer, Creative Director, Hook and Arrows


                Afternoon Tea and Networking


                  The Future of Security

                  Michelle Price, CEO, AustCyber


                  Creating Memorable Experiences and Unexpected Moments

                  What makes an event special? What are the key elements that are essential in creating memorable experiences and how you can use them for your events? Join Peter Jones, one of Australia’s leading event producers, as he explores these questions and provides his insights into successful event design.        Session takeouts:

                  • What are the biggest changes in the industry and how we need to adapt to be relevant
                  • How do we prioritise what is important
                  • Who are we designing events for and how are the key objectives being met.

                  Peter Jones AM, Managing Director, Peter Jones Special Events


                  Closing & Networking Drinks

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