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Learn the latest in the event industry’s top issue – safety

Posted on December 4th, 2018 in Media Release

The Business of Events, 7 & 8 February 2019, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Event safety and security is the top trend to emerge in the events industry this year. As a result, The Business of Events has several sessions devoted to exactly what those with a stake in the industry need to know.

Gary Daly, Managing Director of organiser Exhibitions & Trade Fairs, said, “Event safety is more than a trend, it’s a necessity in this modern world, so it’s no surprise that it has become a top focus in the events industry. This is not just what goes on at the event physically. An uptick in digital exploits has also made cybersecurity measures a mandatory inclusion for our industry. At The Business of Events, sessions will look at the big picture and then get down into detail, with the latest information and lots of practical takeaways around the day-to-day elements that go into all aspects of safety.”

Event safety is one of three afternoon breakout sessions on day one; the other two are sales growth and event architecture.

Mr Daly said, “Danny Baade, the Director of CorpSec International, will begin the event-safety breakout with a session on ‘Security and Safety In Public Spaces’. Danny, who specialises in counter terrorism and crowded places strategies for cities, major events and venues and was Head of Security for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, will set the scene by looking at the Australian government’s strategy for protecting crowded places. A particular focus of Danny’s will be planning and helping attendees understand where they should make vulnerability assessments.

“Danny will then join a panel talking about issues from the general security environment of an event to the internal operations of running it.”

The “Leave Nothing to Chance: a Suite of Risk Areas Affecting Major Events” panel will also comprise of Tiny Good, Director of equipment and staff supplier Showtech Australia; Simon Auston, Chief Executive of crowd-safety and crowd-management consultancy Reddawn Australia; and Wayne Middleton, Principal of risk-management consultancy Reliance Risk.

“Together, they will discuss the key issues regarding security for an event, and what needs to be considered with security and emergency management, including readiness testing, crowd management, safety, security, risk management, compliance and vigilance. Importantly, they will also go into detail on what this all means for an organisation and the event organiser’s role within it.”

This panel session will run through to the afternoon tea and networking break.

“The Business of Events has been designed to go into practical depth on key topics of industry interest, so after the networking break, Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, will then speak on ‘The Future of Security’. AustCyber was established last year to help develop Australia’s cyber-security sector to be globally competitive and enhance our future economic growth in what is now a digitally enabled world-wide economy. When she worked for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Michelle delivered a National Security Strategic Risk Framework, which was the first of its kind in the world, so attendees will be able to learn a lot from this session.”

Mr Daly said event safety was important to protect attendees, presenters and exhibitors from physical hazards and risks, with security personnel visible for a variety of reasons, including reassurance.

“But today, the security you can’t see – cyber security – is equally as vital. This is an area that has grown so quickly, it can be hard for the industry to keep up. The Business of Events will cover both these areas in depth, so attendees will walk away with knowledge to instantly enhance the all-round safety of their events. This will really allow them to add value to their organisation, rather than just ‘tick the box’ with something so crucial as safety.”

With event security now the top industry issue, Mr Daly urged the industry to take advantage of the latest knowledge while advanced rates were still applicable.

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