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Design events for millennials

Designing events for millennials

Posted on February 4th, 2020 in Blog, Event News, Marketing for Events

f your event is attracting more people from older generations than younger ones, you’re not alone. Trying to attract a younger audience has its difficulties, but it is possible to do this without alienating your core demographic.

Millennials aren’t tired clichés

The importance of speaking to millennials about how they see themselves was highlighted in The New Australia report. At the start of 2019, Amplify interviewed more than 2000 18-30-year-olds to find out what it means to be a millennial. One common answer was that older generations didn’t know them, as we’re seeing with the #okboomer trend.

Following tired cliches about them being shallow and apathetic is a sure-fire path to failure – instead really try to find out who they are.

The report says, “We have spent decades telling people that in order to be X they must do Y. And there was a time when people bought into that completely. Things are different now and identity is a fluid, personal and ever-changing beast.”

The report also highlighted several key (and positive) characteristics that the generation aligns with: ethical decisions and business practises, human connections and a love of innovation.

Millennials love personal connections

One stereotype that comes out too often is that millennials love technology and are glued to their phones. However, the survey showed that personal connections were deemed a better path to happiness and that sometimes technology was a hindrance to this.

One 29-year-old respondent said, “The more energy I put to doing things online, I notice I have less energy for my life offline.”

Half of the people surveyed said that having strong relationships was an indicator of a successful life, while only two per cent thought that having a large social media following made them successful.

A 19-year-old respondent said, “I just feel unproductive when I’m on my phone all day. I could see people instead of talking to them on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat.”

Millennials demand ethical business choices

Consumers have more choices than ever before and many are swayed by factors beyond the product and price. A business that makes ethical decisions is seen in a much better light than its competitors that haven’t made the switch.

One in three millennials surveys said they felt passionately about the environment and sustainability, more than said they were worried about war, terrorism and the global political landscape.

Businesses using non-plastic alternatives for packaging, cafes that offer discounts for KeepCups and other eco-initiatives are welcomes with open arms. At events, millennials will be pleased if this has been thought of – but only if it’s been thought through properly. There’s no point using biodegradable plates if you’ve only provided bins that are going to landfill.

A 25-year-old respondent said, “I’m really happy that people are taking steps to make things better. Every step helps. I’ve just bought a KeepCup and I use it every day.”

Designing events for millennials

One other major thing to come from the report is that millennials enjoy experiences over material possessions. The value of attending an event that gives positive feelings and lifelong memories trumps going to the shops, and that’s something that event organisers should keep in mind.

Building events that align with their values, that have showcased ethical decisions and include the chance to make personal connections – such as networking and Q&A sessions – help to create lasting memories that will see your event succeed with a new audience.

Millennials are a huge part of a population and they’re no longer the kids that many people think of them as. Millennials have careers, homes and a desire to attend events that help them.

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