Pre-Conference breakfast event

7:00am - 8:30am

The Power of Community and the Flow on Effect for Brand and Bottom Line

Lisa Messenger spent eight years as a PCO before starting her own business and ultimately building a community of over 800,000 social and digital followers. In an intimate and exclusive breakfast event, Lisa Messenger, CEO, Collective Hub will share:

  • The keys to building an online community. What channels to use and when.
  • How to turn your online community into event attendees and ticket buyers.
  • Why gold, silver and bronze don’t cut it and never did. Integrating sponsorship strategy and community.

Location: Luna Park, Sydney


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    Let's kick start the day!

    Tina Altieri, Conference MC, Speaker and Facilitator


      The Formula of Extraordinary Experiences

      Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director and Co-CEO, Melbourne International Arts Festival

      Jonathan shares his tried and tested formula that can guarantee your awesome idea can scale up, be championed by everyone involved and create the moments of magic that we look for in exceptional experiences.

      Key Learnings:

      • Create unmissable, unexpected and unforgettable experiences for small and massive audiences.
      • The power of macro ideas.
      • Championing giant thinking & vision.
      • Managing talent & leading delivery teams.
      • Collaborating with governments, sponsors, the media and the public.
      • Harness innovation.


        Unlocking the Impact of Your Next Event

        Felippe Diaz, Business Director, George P Johnson
        Paul Boustani, Experience & Engagement Creator – Consultant
        Simon Latchford, CEO, Visit Sunshine Coast Ltd
        Shireen Da Costa, National Conference Manager at Housing Industry Association (HIA)

        Events have the power to change perceptions and behaviours, to connect us in a world where technology is driving isolation, to educate and enlighten us. Our panel of industry experts will challenge you to think bigger, push the boundaries and open your mind to new ideas.

        Key Learnings:

        • FOMO. How to create it.
        • How to get the most from the latest tech.
        • Leverage event environment to enhance the experiences.
        • How to increase visitation to your regional town or city.
        • Association events: How to increase revenue & membership engagement.
        • Measurement tools to validate business strategies around events.

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          Salesforce World Tour - Reimagined

          Hear how Salesforce World Tour Sydney Reimagined, delivered a full program of inspiration and enablement direct to their customers, streamed from Australia completely online for the first time ever.

          Stuart Frank, Director, Strategic Events Asia Pacific – Salesforce


            Morning Tea

              Unlocking the Value of events

              Creating conversations


              The Real Long-Term Value of Your Event Program

              Deborah Edwards, Associate Professor, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney
              Carmel Foley, Associate Professor in Event Management, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney

              Professors Edwards and Foley from the University of Technology Sydney have recently published the results from a multi-year study (commissioned by the Joint Meetings Industry Council and Business Events Sydney) looking at the legacy benefits of business events. Defining the purpose of your event and measuring its success, is key to understanding the long-term value of your event. In this presentation, they will outline the “Six Golden Rules for a Highly Successful Business Event” which can assist your organisation in measuring far more than satisfaction.

              Key Learnings:

              • The importance of business event legacy and its impacts.
              • How to achieve positive event legacy.
              • Three golden rules for measuring the legacy impacts of your event.

              UTS logo

                Coachella for Accountants - A Behind the Scenes look at Xerocon

                Penny Elmslie, Brand and Engagement Director – Global, Xero

                Known as the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in Australia, NZ and Asia, Xerocon attracts over 3500 attendees and pushes the boundaries with colourful activations and interactive areas while delivering great opportunities to connect and learn. Also known as ‘Coachella for accountants”, over the years the event has featured a custom-built 24-metre pink pool filled with over 250,000 balls, a basketball court, putt-putt golf, skate park, nail salon and candy store. What’s more, it’s just one in a series of Xerocons delivered around the world each year. In this session, Penny Elmslie, Xero’s Director of Brand & Engagement, will take you through the strategic thinking behind such an inspirational event, the challenges involved in its delivery, and the commercial benefits of having such an iconic event connected with the Xero brand.

                Key Learnings:

                • How build a ‘cult-like’ following.
                • The benefits of mixing emotional engagement with business at corporate events.
                • The commercial benefits of turning a textbook event on its head.
                • Attracting a global audience.


                  Integrating Events into Your Marketing Plan

                  Linda Tillman, CEO, Tilma Group
                  Claire Epps, Senior Marketing Manager, Events & Executive Marketing Australia & New Zealand, Adobe

                  Events are an effective way to influence customers, prospects, members and stakeholders. This session will explore how different organisations, from corporate to local government, develop and implement a truly integrated plan and delve into the commercial benefits.

                  Key Learnings:

                  • How to put your region on the map.
                  • Proven strategies to drive community engagement.
                  • Storytelling: transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

                    "Living Smart" - The Growth of a Sustainability Festival in the Hunter

                    Jacqui Hemsley, Manager Arts, Culture and Tourism, Lake Macquarie City
                    Christine Harle, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, Lake Macquarie City

                    The Lake Macquarie Living Smart Festival, running for 10 years and reimagined in the last 2 years, is now considered a flagship event for the City with attendances exceeding 25,000. Engaging the community on environmental sustainability, transformed the event into a 3-day festival; with elements of education, live performance, workshops and demonstrations, food and local products, set against a backdrop of art, live entertainment and activities for all ages.

                    Jacqui & Christine detail the metamorphosis over the past decade, the incredible growth they have experienced and what comes next.

                    Key Learnings:

                    •  How to turn a region into a destination.
                    • Expanding a 1-day event into an award winning 3-day festival without increasing spend.
                    • Value in collaboration, education, creativity and uniqueness.
                    • Paid elements that sell-out.
                    • Delivering significant growth to the economy through events.

                    Lake Macquarie City logo


                      Data: Your Secret Weapon

                      Robin Stafford, Director, Half Eaten Donut
                      Kelsey Jackson, Marketing and Social Media Executive, Good Food & Wine Show

                      Robin & Kelsey will discuss how to use data to transform a national event. From designing the event program through to event creative, website content and the digital marketing campaign. See the impact of putting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

                      Key Learnings:

                      •  How to use data for creative, messaging, timing, performance, ad campaign and results.
                      • Free research tools and data-led strategies
                      • Developing strategy using digital data from google and social media.
                      • How to pull data quickly and easily and how to implement the findings.

                        The Power of Community Engagement

                        Leonie King, Team Leader Festival and Events, City of Greater Dandenong

                        Leonie will explain how a Community Engagement approach helped Springvale Snow Fest became an immediate hit, attracting 10,000 people in its first year. Using deep dive Community Engagement tools and techniques, the event gathered the right information and partnerships that led to this innovative combination of snow and Asian street food, winning a number of industry awards along the way.

                        Key Learnings:

                        • Step-by-step processes for the deepest engagement.
                        • Mining for Community Engagement gold.
                        • How to engage influencers to become your ambassadors.
                        • Identify a powerful yet rarely used community promotional channel. AND, it’s free!

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                            The New Action Plan

                            Creativity Takes courage


                            Better Together; Collaborate to Win Event Bids

                            Beverley Williamson, General Manager, Business Development and Bids, Melbourne Convention Bureau

                            Collaboration and innovation has seen Melbourne secure a number of international events recently including the World Congress of Optometry 2021 (WCO 2021). Learn from those behind the winning bids on how collaboration sets them apart. Gain insights into how working with all levels of government, local partners and industry to showcase the destinations strengths and capability to deliver, lead you toward a successful outcome.

                            Key Learnings:

                            • Winning bids with city and stakeholder collaboration.
                            • Examples of successful bids and campaigns lead by MCB.
                            • What your bid submissions are missing.

                            MCB logo

                              Event technology - making the impossible, possible

                              Ben Weir, Executive Creative Producer, cievents

                              Your delegates use technology every day. To deliver a seamless delegate experience, you must be thinking about how technology can integrate with and streamline your event. To surprise and delight, your delegate journey must have the right technology strategically woven into every moment. Ben will explain how.

                              Key Learnings:

                              • Why technology must be considered in your event strategy.
                              • The importance of the delegate journey.
                              • Creating memorable and personalised experiences through technology.
                              • Questions to ask when developing your event technology strategy.


                                Ask the Experts; What would you do if...?

                                Andrew Cameron-Smith, Director, Wonderment Pty Ltd

                                Elma Byrne, Strategy Manager Client Experience, Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank
                                Carmel Horvath, Head of Events and Sponsorship, Coles Supermarkets
                                Amy Merriman, Managing Director, Event Planet
                                Leisa Donlan, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Inc
                                Jeffrey Stein, Manager City Events and Festivals, City of Parramatta

                                A fun and thought-provoking discussion where you get to ask our panel ‘what they would do if…’

                                Learn from those who have been there, done that in the world of events. Your opportunity to tap into a collective 120 years of experience in delivering events around the world.

                                Wonderment Events logo  Event Planet Logo

                                  New Thinkers; Dare To Be Different

                                  Cj Holden, Experimentalist & Creator, s p a c e
                                  Tim Baggott, Creative Director, Amplify
                                  Joanne Jacobs, Co-CEO, Disruptors Co
                                  Anthony Bastic, Founder and CEO, AGB Events
                                  Amanda Henderson, Founder and Creative Director, Gloss Creative

                                  In an industry that has never been more competitive, to attract your audiences’ attention, you must dare to be different. This session gives you the opportunity to step into the minds of a number of successful creative professionals to see how they do things differently.

                                  Key Learnings:

                                  • Growing events by doing things differently.
                                  • How and why you need to deliver more consumer-centric experiences.
                                  • The importance of developing capability in critical and creative thinking.
                                  • Creative and strategic tools to flip the traditional and stereotypical event.
                                  • Tips from the professionals on how to maintain focus and productivity under enormous pressure.

                                  Space logo  We are amplify logo Disruptors co Logo AGB Events logo Gloss creative logo


                                    Afternoon tea & Networking


                                      Digitile: The perfect blend of digital and tactile to enhance the human interaction

                                      Jeremy Garling, Founding Creator, Fourth Wall

                                      Everyone is striving to be innovative and technology is playing an ever important role in delivering customer experience. Jeremy looks at how you can add real, tangible value to the experience and increase customer interaction, engagement and change behavior.

                                      Key Learnings:

                                      • Create innovative experiences that have heart.
                                      • Get better ROI from technology and innovation.
                                      • How to use digital effectively, not just for show.
                                      • Understand ways to enhance human interaction in experiences.

                                      Fourth wall logo


                                        Events 4.0

                                        Alana Hay, Managing Director, Milestone Creative Australia
                                        Dr Jason Fox, Motivational speaker and leadership advisor
                                        Kyla Tustin, CEO and Cultures of Wellness Consultant, The Greate Group
                                        Robin Stafford, Director, Half Eaten Donut
                                        Andy Walsh, Business Director, Secret Sounds

                                        Industry 4.0 is affecting almost every industry worldwide and is rapidly transforming how businesses operate. This transformation has the potential to provide a major boost to Australia’s economic competitiveness and will have an impact on the events industry.

                                        This panel brings together leaders to uncover exactly what will be impacting the events we deliver in the next twelve months and beyond. How do we plan for these innovations and influences including wellness, personalisation and globalisation?

                                        Key Learnings:

                                        • The effect technology has on event experiences and attendance.
                                        • Must-have event elements.
                                        • Exceeding event expectations of speed, value, wellness and environment.
                                        • Explore the idea of creative ownership within the events industry and capitalise on agency/client partnerships.
                                        • Discuss the big picture – factors impacting memorable, interactive experiences and event outcomes.
                                        • Unique ways sponsors can increase attendance.



                                          Conference close

                                          Tina Altieri, Conference MC, Speaker and Facilitator


                                            Networking Drinks at the Piazza and Ferris Wheel

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