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Can leaders really inspire people

Can leaders really inspire people?

Posted on March 18th, 2018 in Leadership

In events, as in any other business, strong leadership can make all the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re organising an event yourself, or looking for the right candidate to lead your team, understanding the psychology of what motivates people to succeed and work together will help you achieve your objectives.

What makes a great leader?

It takes more than a title to inspire people to do the best work they can. It takes a charismatic and persuasive personality, as well as the ability to really listen to and understand what the team is saying rather than just dictate.

While a great leader will have many enviable qualities, some of the most important are:

  • Passion – a great leader will sincerely care about what they’re doing, and doing it the best they can.
  • Courage – the willingness to take risks when the potential gains are worth it.
  • Clarity – the ability to see the big picture clearly and to communicate this in terms their team understands.
  • Decisiveness – after examining all the options, a decisive leader will commit to the course they feel is right and not back down unless circumstances change.

How do leaders inspire others?

To inspire qualities such as dedication and enthusiasm in others, leaders need to exhibit these traits themselves.

Leaders must demonstrate their commitment and passion for the project through actions, not words. This must be maintained in every meeting and interaction with team members and other stakeholders, setting the standard to be followed.

Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring any problems or concerns, but taking a proactive approach to solving them. A good leader should be sensitive to their team’s needs and make sure their hard work is suitably rewarded.

Team members should also be encouraged to contribute their own ideas and give honest feedback. People who take an active role in planning an event will be more invested in helping it to succeed.

How to lead an event

If you’re in charge of leading an event, it’s important to recognise your limitations. You can’t do it alone, and you should set about assembling the best team for the job, with the skills, experience and enthusiasm needed to make the event a success.

Involving relevant team members in every stage of planning will help them to feel that they’re a crucial part of the event and motivate them to work at their best. They should know right from the start what the event is about, even the areas they’re not involved in, so they can answer questions confidently without having to defer to other team members.

Most importantly, you should get to know your team as people and not employees serving a function. When they feel respected and valued, team spirit can power any event to success.

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