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Brains behind Xerocon and Living Smart in the mix

Posted on February 19th, 2020 in Media Release

The Business of Events will facilitate cross-sector discussions on enhancing events

Drawing ideas and skills from across different types of events and industries can flick the switch in designing a memorable event. The Business of Events draws together speakers from a range of industries, with far-reaching experiences, to give attendees exactly this opportunity.

Anne-Marie Mina, Marketing Manager at organiser Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF), said, “Take Xero; it’s cloud-based accounting software, so their event, Xerocon, is for accountants and bookkeepers. But there are no brown cardigans at Xerocon. Dubbed ‘Coachella for accountants’, it offers attendees an experience like no other and includes five festival-inspired activations that contain custom-built skate ramps with pro-skaters, sweet shops, wellness spheres, and a 24 metre ball pit. Unsurprisingly is now the largest accounting-technology conference in Australasia.”

Penny Elmslie, who’s Xero’s Global Director of Brand and Community, will give attendees a-behind-the-scenes-look at Xerocon and provide insights for reimagining any type of event.”

Anne-Marie said, “It will be interesting for delegates from associations and government to listen to the experiences of corporate event planners, just as the reverse will be.”

She said for instance, “Living Smart – The Growth of a Sustainability Festival in The Hunter”, is a community-engagement case study. Jacqui Hemsley, Lake Macquarie City’s Manager for Arts, Culture and Tourism, and Sustainability Engagement Coordinator Christine Harle, will cover how they morphed a one-day event into an award-winning three-day festival without increasing spend; designed paid elements that sold-out within 48 hours; and delivered significant growth to the economy. It is now a multi-award winning and flagship event for the city.

The Business of Events has a wide assortment of speakers, with a gi-normous array of knowledge and experience. There are fantastic opportunities for learning across segments. How do event planners and marketers from corporates approach their work? What keys do destination regions offer associations and corporations in terms of growing audiences? And what switches do associations flick that government and corporate sectors can learn from? The sharing of information will really help delegates from all sectors unlock the power of their events.”

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